Rated Driving Instructors in the Downs Mail Newspaper

Why were we asked to go into the Downs Mail newspaper?

The co-founder brothers of Rated Driving Instructors (Kevin and Oliver Tuffney) are originally from Maidstone, Kent which is why Rated Driving Instructors was launched in Kent. As two local brothers who are launching a unique tech innovation in the County, the Downs Mail, which is Maidstone and Malling’s No. 1 newspaper were interested to share the good news story with their local reader base.

Not only was there the good news of the innovation in Kent but also the success Rated Driving Instructors has had in Kent (which we are incredibly grateful for). Over 100 instructors now have live profiles on the website and the company has received backing from the London tech start-up studio, Siya Tech Ventures.

It’s great news to be celebrated and we’re appreciative of Downs Mail sharing the story and enabling us to connect with more learner drivers and instructors in Kent which brings us one step closer to our mission of using technology to transform the way learners and instructors connect.

How our services work

Rated Driving Instructors is a comparison platform which serves driving instructors and learner drivers in equal measure.

For learner drivers we help them search, sort and compare driving instructors in their area. ‘But they can use Google’, some people may ask? They may indeed and just like prior to AirBnB, holiday searchers could have used Google to search for all hotels and hostels in a desired area, but Google isn’t set up for that specific category search need. You can’t at a glance see their prices, ratings, and distance from your house. You can’t sort the results by lesson price or promotional offer. It’s easy to search on Google and Facebook but it’s not easy to compare and sort. 

This is where we come in. We make it easy to quickly identify and book the best available driving instructor in your chosen area simply by entering your postcode.

For driving instructors, the benefit is being connected with learner drivers without having to do anything more than create a profile. It’s like setting up a shop window and we bring over the customers to take a look. Driving instructors, more often than not, didn’t become driving instructors to learn about Facebook marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Google AdWords; they became driving instructors to teach and coach people to be safe on the road. The extra pieces are often a distraction. It’s similar to someone opening a restaurant because they love to cook but they find they have to manage staff, cash flow and difficult customers.

We take away the collateral damage that comes with being a driving instructor and bring them new business. Simple.

How we are helping driving instructors in Kent grow their businesses

We are helping driving instructors in Kent growth their businesses in a number of ways. The most obvious way is generating potential new business for driving instructors in the way of enabling learner drivers to find them but there is so much more we’re doing which enables that process to be as seamless as possible.

On a continuous basis we study website data and trawl the internet for best practices on similar marketplace websites such as AirBnB, JustEat, Fiverr and so on. We constantly ask ourselves – how are they making it easy for the user to connect? How are they removing friction from the learner enquiring to an instructor? By making the process as easy and intuitive as possible more business flows through the site which means more instructors receive business and more learners are happy because they’ve found a brilliant instructor in their area for a price they’re willing to pay. Everybody wins.

Beyond the hard cash benefit of growing the driving instructors businesses, we also send out regular newsletters to all of our registered driving instructors which provides them with three pieces of news. 

This includes industry news; what is happening in the industry that would be worthwhile information for driving instructors?

Small business news; what is the latest information and insights which will help instructors grow or better manage their companies?

Customer news; what is currently happening in the world of 17-21 year olds? This enables driving instructors to get closer to their customers and be more relatable in the car.

Finally, Rated Driving Instructors provides driving instructors extensive support with setting up their profiles. We get that new technology can be scary. We get that driving instructors (generally speaking) aren’t the twenty something, tech-savvy digital generation. That’s why upon signing up instructors receive a stream of information about what an excellent profile looks like and unlimited phone and email support for creating a profile.

Driving instructors sit at the core of our business and we’re on a never ending quest to help them secure more business and what we have at the moment is just the beginning.