Rated Driving Instructors gets featured on Business in Maidstone website

Why we started the business in Maidstone, Kent

The story behind the Rated Driving Instructors is the co-founder Kevin Tuffney originally signed up to become a driving instructor in Maidstone. Following a career in retail and a review of career opportunities, the path of a driving instructor was that which was most appealing.

Specifically, Kev loved three things; cars, helping people and doing his own thing. If you love those three things and you choose to follow your passions then there’s every chance you could find yourself helping others learn to drive.

While there was the passion and get-up-and-go to become one of the local driving instructors in Kent, there were soon challenges faced which were unforeseen. It soon transpired that driving lessons in Maidstone is an incredibly referral based business. It’s obvious when you think about it, but as a new driving instructor there’s almost the naïve expectation that when you become a driving instructor you will start to be referred leads just like all the other instructors. Au contraire. It’s really hard.

Leaflets were handed out around Maidstone and wider Kent, Facebook ads were produced promoting ‘Driving Lessons Maidstone’ and while some business came through there was no where near enough to cover the franchise fees and fuel – let alone make a living.

And there the idea was born. Rated Driving Instructors. The comparison platform which enables learner drivers to find local driving instructors irrespective of referral. You receive bookings based on reviews and how good you are.

How we are helping the instructors in Maidstone grow their business

While the reason for starting the business to promote driving lessons in Maidstone was for Kevin to scratch his own itch and provide a solution for his own problem. It soon transpired that many other driving instructors in Kent had a similar itch which needed scratching. In business terms, the phrase ‘spotting a gap in the market’ would be the appropriate.

After launching the website and with a little advertising, local driving instructors quickly started signing up to the website and over the course of 2019 the number of sign ups reached 100 driving instructors.

In order to bring those local driving instructors business, the Rated Driving Team began promoting the website via Google and social media to other local learner drivers.

The response from the driving instructors Maidstone based has been overwhelmingly positive for the platform. Sean Davies from Turn to Learn driving school recently said about Rated Driving Instructors:

My experience with Rated Driving Instructors has been a positive one. The website is easy to use and is clear for the set-up of photos, my introduction and reviews. I’ve received 4 new students and some enquiries since signing up. Well worth doing for growing your business!”

How learners in Maidstone are being empowered to find the right driving instructor through technology

Before we came along, here is a likely scenario on how you would have found a local driving instructor:

Aunty’s recommendation: ‘you should use the driving instructor Jim, that’s who Sally used.’

Sally: ‘I used Jim because my sister Jenny used him for her lessons.’

Jenny: ‘Jim taught me because a guy from college mentioned he used him.’

Guy from college: ‘I saw Jim’s car parked near my house once and I took down his phone number which was on the side of his car.’

In this scenario, Jim is one of the worst rated driving instructors in the local area. But no one knows! There is no way of telling. Guy from college, Jenny, Sally and Aunty have no way of knowing that Jim on average has students pay for 10 lessons more than what they need and his teaching techniques are below par.

Rated Driving Instructors is the platform which clarifies the inherently obscure for learner drivers. Just like when looking for a good builder, it’s near impossible to know who’s good without seeing reviews. Learners can get a feel for the driving instructors personality with his or her profile description, check out whether there are many ‘pass pictures’ on the profile as well as the jackpot of seeing reviews from other local learners. Not only are there reviews but the reviews are specific. All instructors are reviewed based on – car cleanliness, punctuality, car condition and teaching quality.

Our mission for learners is to put them in the driving seat when it comes to finding their driving lessons, not just during their driving lessons!