March Top 3 Newsletter

March Top 3 Things newsletter, we will be focusing on news that we hope will help you in the wake of the Coronavirus impacts.

In these challenging times, we hope you and your business are doing as well as can be. Along with many other industries, the learner driver industry is one which is directly feeling the impacts of Coronavirus with the suspension of driving tests until June 2020.

Instructor News

In a bid to enforce social distancing and ‘flattening the curve’ of the COVID-19 spread, on Thursday the UK government took the unprecedented move of cancelling all driving tests until at least June. This is a significant blow to the industry as many learners may look to delay their lessons until the suspension is lifted.

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Financial Support

News is changing by the hour, and with each hour that passes the need for financial support is becoming increasingly pressing. While the times are unprecedented, fortunately so is the government support package provided. See the below link for the best summary of financial aid we have found.

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Customer Corner

Our learners lives are also being severely disrupted by COVID-19. Those that were hoping to complete their A-Levels and degrees have now had their exams cancelled which poses questions such as, what does this mean for their future? Their plans for starting their careers? Let alone postponing their driving freedom until June.

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News from usRated Driving Instructors

On a brighter note, you will be happy to know, we are steadily rebuilding the entire site which will make it easier for learners to connect with instructors. The scheduled reveal for the revamp is June, which will come at a perfect time to help support your business.

We at Rated Driving Instructors are going to be doing all we can to keep instructors informed over the coming months. We have a dedicated area of the site where we will post relevant updates, click here.

Keep safe and we sincerely wish you all the best over the coming months.

The Rated Driving Team