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Rated Driving Instructors new website coming soon

Since Rated Driving Instructors started, our sole purpose has been to help learners make informed decisions when choosing their driving instructors and to help great instructors find new business.

27th May 2020

Will there be a learner demand boom this summer?

The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have hit many industries hard. The driving instructors industry is among one of the worst hit by the economies closure due to the need for social distancing meaning…

27th May 2020

Return to Work Driving Instructor Safety Checklist

Covid-19 has shaken the world as we know if to the core. Everything we once knew to be normal is now a vague, distant memory and we are entering the new era, commonly being described as the ‘new normal.’

27th May 2020

NASP Shared Latest DVSA Statement on Covid-19

Further to our recent discussions and your requests for an update on DVSAs latest position, I write to provide the below statement. “Using the latest Government guidance, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

26th May 2020

How Covid-19 is devastating the auto industry

Have you considered buying a new car during quarantine? We haven’t either. It turns out that since Covid-19 has been swallowing up the world as we know it, a small number of industries and dodged the bullet, most industries are severely damaged and others are being completely devastated.

21st April 2020

Prepare to grow your driving instructor business during quarantine

I was recently reminded of a story about Nelson Mandela. While serving his 27 years in prison someone asked him ‘how are you surviving in these conditions, locked out from the world and no clear end in sight?’ to which Nelson replied, ‘I’m not surviving, I’m preparing.’ It’s a powerful statement.

19th April 2020

Isolation and bored? Here’s how to pass the time

Covid-19 is an ever evolving challenge. Rising confirmed cases and death rates dominate the news, conversations and just about anywhere we look. At the time of writing, in the UK there are over 40,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, 4,313 deaths.

5th April 2020

Rated Driving Instructors gets featured on Business in Maidstone website

The story behind the Rated Driving Instructors is the co-founder Kevin Tuffney originally signed up to become a driving instructor in Maidstone. Following a career in retail and a review of career opportunities, the path of a driving instructor was that which was most appealing.

31st March 2020

Rated Driving Instructors gets featured in the Downs Mail newspaper

Co-Founders Kevin & Oliver Tuffney get featured in the Downs Mail newspaper for their recognition of helping learner drivers and driving instructors connect through their comparison platform.

28th March 2020

Rated Driving Instructors

March Top 3 Newsletter

In this months Top 3 Things newsletter, we will be focusing on news that we hope will help you in the wake of the Coronavirus impacts.

27th March 2020


Coronavirus (COVID-19): What does this mean for theory and practical driving tests?

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? COVID-19 or more commonly referred to as Coronavirus and is one of a number of diseases which comes from animals and has been passed to humans…

26th March 2020

New Driving Instructor Start-Up in KentOliver & Kevin Tuffney - Co-Founders of Rated Driving Instructors

After passing the necessary tests to become a driving instructor, 29-year-old co-founder from Maidstone, Kevin Tuffney, struggled to find work in the referral-based industry…

15th March 2020

Rated Driving InstructorsFebruary Top 3 Newsletter

Welcome to the February Top 3 Newsletter! We hope you cruised through the January blues and are off to the best year yet. Here are the Top 3 things we think you, as a driving instructor would be interested in this month.

29th February 2020