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Maidstone - Kent

Driving Lessons in Maidstone

Maidstone is a thriving town in the heart of Kent. Kent is known as the Garden of England with Maidstone as the County town surrounded by many smaller residential areas such as Harrietsham and Sittingbourne. With being located in the Garden of England there is lots of greenery and the need for a driving license is essential. Whether you’re looking to spend a day at Leeds Castle or treat yourself to a dinner at The Gurkha Kitchen a driving license is the key to enabling you to travel to your hearts content.

Needing driving lessons in Maidstone? No problem. There are hundreds of driving instructors in Maidstone and many of them have live profiles on Rated Driving Instructors to help ensure you get the best instructor for you.


DVSA Driving Test Centre in Maidstone

In order to earn your freedom on the roads of Maidstone both your theory and your practical test will need to be passed. The practical test centre in Maidstone is located in South Park Business Village on Armstrong Road. As well as learner car drivers the Maidstone test centre also provides testing for taxis and driving instructors to become driving instructors – so you can rest assured passing students there is a well-practiced procedure.

The pass rate of the Maidstone test centre is 44% which is just below the national average of 47%. The slightly lower rate could be attributed to being a busy town which can result in increased test difficulty with more congested roads.

The big watch outs when practicing for your practical test in Maidstone are the A roads (A229, A249 and A20) and the tricky gyratory system in the town centre. The gyratory system is a series of roads, bridges and traffic lights usually topped off with lots of traffic. A good tip would be to book your test outside of rush hour if you are having your driving lessons in Maidstone.

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DVSA Driving Test Centre, 2 Armstrong Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 6JZ

Theory Test Centres in Maidstone

While the practical test centre is located in Maidstone if you are needing to take your theory test you will need to travel a little outside of the town. Fortunately you won’t need to travel too far as the close by theory test centres are Chatham or Tunbridge Wells.

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Pearson Professional Centre
14-16 High Street,



Tunbridge Wells Driving Test Centre
8 Upper Grosvenor Rd,
Tunbridge Wells,