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Driving Lessons in Gillingham

Gillingham is a large bustling town in Kent, home to over 100,000 people. It’s a town which is made up of other large settlements including Brompton, Parkwood and Rainham and with the settlements being spread out, the need to drive a car and have driving lessons in Gillingham are very important! In Gillingham alone over 10,000 driving tests are taken which shows plenty of people are keen to get on the road!

In Gillingham, having a driving license opens many doors. It means you can easily get to work, meet up with your friends at the Bollywood Buffet on Canterbury Street or cheer on Gillingham FC.

If you are needing to learn to drive and unlock the local surroundings, the first step is finding a great driving instructor in Gillingham. At Rated Driving Instructors our mission is to make that step as seamless and easy as possible. Find the best instructor in your area, check out previous learner reviews and secure driving lesson prices for as low as £20 per hour.


Practical Test centre in Gillingham

Gillingham boasts two practical driving test centres. One which specializes in motorcycles and cars (in Astra Park) and a second which specializes in lorries and large vehicles (on Campus Way). The average pass rate for learner drivers in Gillingham is 47.3% which puts the town in line with the national average and ahead of other nearby Kent towns such as Maidstone (44%).
While taking your driving lessons in Gillingham you can expect to drive on A roads such as the A278 while also practicing in local residential areas for maneuvers and roundabouts.
Don’t forget, most learner drivers fail their driving test during the last few minutes of their test so remain focused until your test is complete and you are able to safely remove your seat belt!

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Unit 1, Astra Park, Courteney Road, Gillingham, ME8 0RZ

Theory Test Centres in Gillingham

If you are learning to drive in Gillingham you are in luck as you have both a local practical and theory test centre. The closest test centre is on Chatham High Street and the average pass rate of theory tests here is 45.9% which is slightly below the national average of 47.3%.

The next closest Theory Test centre is round 12 miles away in Southend-On-Sea, so your best bet is to stay local in Chatham unless they are booked up far in advance.
The best way to increase your chances of success with your driving theory test is after you have practiced to get a good night sleep ahead of the test and to go in feeling calm.

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14-16 High St, Chatham ME4 4EP