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Booking driving lessons in Dover

Dover is one of the most famous towns in the England which is steeped in history dating back as far as the Romans. Dover is, in part, of such significance due to the transport it enables in and out of England via the Port of Dover. While Rated Driving Instructors doesn’t help you travel in and out of a port, what can help you with is how to explore roads when you are on land!

Whether you are looking to take a trip to Maidstone for the afternoon or spend the evening on the waterfront at Rocksalt, passing your driving test is the key to the freedom of choice.

With seven secondary schools in Dover there are always lots of people in the town that are reaching 17 and are looking to start their driving lessons. However, finding a driving instructor in Dover isn’t always easy, how do you know who to go with? Who has the best prices? Who can do lessons over weekends?

Rated Driving Instructors offers the solution to this problem with many driving instructors from Dover registered to the website which you can sort through and compare to ensure you pick the right instructor for you, just by typing in your postcode.

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Practical Test centre in Dover

After taking your driving lessons in Dover and passing your theory test, it will be time for your practical test. Depending on where about you are based in Dover you will need to travel to either Folkestone or Canterbury for your practical test.

Folkestone test centre is around 7 miles away just along the A20 and has an average pass rate of 44.2% which is slightly below the national average of 47.3%. If you took your test in Canterbury which is approximately 14 miles away the average pass rate is 46.8%.

During your practical driving test you can expect to drive on high speed roads such as the A20 and to complete one driving test manoeuvre such as reverse bay park.

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3AS, 25 New Dover Road, Canterbury, CT1 3DN

Theory Test Centres in Dover

Passing your driving theory test is a critical part of becoming a safe driver for life and with this part of becoming qualified you can practice before your 17th birthday either online or with a book.
While the closest practical driving test centre to Dover is in Folkestone, you will need to travel to Canterbury for the closest theory test centre. At 47.3%, just under half of all people taking their theory test pass first time and Canterbury is in line with the national average at 47.6%.

Although the pass rates at theory test centres can vary, the good news is that your chances of passing first time are the same no matter which centre you go to. There isn’t the risk of trickier hazards or bigger roundabouts with lots of lanes that some practical test centres might be close to. Instead, the biggest influence on your chances of passing first time is the amount you practice!

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Invicta House, Lower Bridge Street, Canterbury CT1 2LG