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Booking driving lessons in Dartford

When people think of Dartford, they often think of something travel related. Either because of the Dartford Crossing which has millions of cars travel through every year or because it is often referred to as a ‘commuter town’ with many people from Dartford travelling to London for work.

If you live in Dartford and are needing to commute into London or zip through the Dartford Crossing to get to Essex, a car is an essential part of everyday life.

Deciding on a driving instructor in Dartford isn’t a decision which has to be made regularly. So how are you to know what you are looking for? Here’s where we can help. Our driving instructors are rated by past pupils on punctuality, patience, car condition and teaching quality.

By booking driving lessons in Dartford through Rated Driving Instructors it won’t be long before you can drive to a concert at the Orchard Theatre or swing by The Chequers Darenth for a tasty steak!


Practical Test centre in Dartford

Belvedere 33.2% / Sidcup (46.1%) / Erith 33%

When it comes to taking your practical driving test in Dartford there are many test centres to choose from. Depending on where in Dartford you are based, Belvedere, Sidcup or Erith could be your closest test centre with all of them less than 5 miles away from the town centre.

With lots of cars passing through Dartford the roads can become busy which is a watch out for driving tests. Popular roads which you could be asked to drive through on your test include the A2 or the A226 which runs through the town.

The average pass rate for practical driving tests in the UK is 47% and the average pass rate by test centre can vary significantly. For the local test centres to Dartford, the lowest is Erith at 33%, slightly beaten by Belvedere at 33.2% and both of them outperformed by Sidcup which has an average pass rate of 46.1%.

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Sidcup – 2 Crayside, Five Arches Business Estate, Maidstone Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 5AG

Belvedere – 33 Woolwich Road, Belvedere, Kent DA17 5EE

Erith – Crabtree, Manor Way North, Erith, Kent DA17 6LJ

Theory Test Centres in Dartford

To take your theory test in Dartford you will need to make the short journey to Sidcup which is just down the A223. The driving test centres close to Dartford can vary in their pass rate due to levels of traffic and how busy the roads are however there can be a sigh of relief when it comes to the theory test.

The average pass rate of theory tests in the UK is 47.3% and the average pass rate at the local Sidcup theory test centre is just ahead at 47.6%.

The best way to guarantee success with your theory test is a good night sleep the night before and plenty of practice!

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Planwell House, LEFA Business Park, Edgington Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 5BH