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Booking driving lessons in Chatham

Chatham is of high importance when it comes to transport. With the M2 getting people in and out of London, the famous dockyard and a railway system which carries hundreds of thousands of people a year when thinking of Chatham think of transport!

There are 5 secondary schools in Chatham alone which means there are lots of young people every year searching for driving lessons in Chatham. While there are lots of people searching for driving lessons, it’s fair to say that most people will not have searched for driving lessons in Chatham before. So what are you supposed to be looking for here? Is it all about price? Who is good? Should I go with the driving instructor my friend recommended me?

It can be hard! And that’s why Rated Driving Instructors exits, it’s our job to take the headache away from finding a driving instructor and to help give you confidence that the instructor you are selecting is the best option available.

Simply enter your postcode or “Chatham” into the search bar on the Rated Driving Instructors homepage and you will see all of the driving instructors in Chatham pop up and from there you can sort, compare and book.

Before long you will be behind the wheel driving to spend an afternoon at the Historic Dockyard or going for dinner with your mates at the Bollywood Buffet.

Practical Test centre in Chatham

After taking your driving lessons in Chatham, it is all building up to your practical driving test. The practical driving test is made up of 5 parts; an eyesight check, ‘show me, tell me’ questions, driving ability, reversing and independent driving and will take you around 40 minutes.

Fortunately when taking your practical driving test in Chatham you will be driving in familiar territory as the practical test centre is just over in Gillingham on Courteney Road, which is about 2 miles away. The second closest test centre is Maidstone.

While the biggest influence on how well you do in the test is how well prepared you are, different driving test centres do have different hazards which can influence the pass rate by test centre. The average pass rate across the UK is 47% and the average pass rate in Gillingham is 47.3%, so slightly above average.

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Unit 1, Astra Park, Courteney Road, Gillingham Kent. ME8 0RZ

Theory Test Centres in Chatham

If you are learning to drive in Chatham then you are lucky! Your practical test centre is only a couple of miles away and your theory test centre in Chatham is in Chatham, so you can save your travelling for once you’ve passed your test.

Across the UK the average pass rate of theory tests is 47.3% (similar to the practical test pass rate) and for Chatham specifically, the average pass rate is 45.9%.

The theory test is in two parts, multiple choice and hazard perception. In order to pass you need to correctly answer 43 out of 50 multiple choice questions and achieve at least 44 out of 75 in the hazard perception test.

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14-16 High Street, Chatham, Kent. ME4 4EP