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Booking driving lessons in Canterbury

Kent is known for it’s history and Canterbury would have to be leading the pack of historic locations in Kent. There aren’t many places that boast a Cathedral built in 597AD that has in excess of one million visitors per year, but Canterbury certainly does.

Whether travelling into the city centre for the day, getting to work or treating yourself to a dinner at the renowned Pork & Co., learning to drive in Canterbury is a must. Driving lessons in Canterbury are popular as far as Kent settlements go because of the number of universities in the area. Across University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University and University of the Creative Arts there are 31,000 students in the area which has a total population just 135,000 people!

Lots of students in a small area means lots of driving instructors are needed and lots of decisions are being made on driving instructors daily. Rated Driving Instructors is here to make that process easy. By typing in your postcode you can find all of the driving instructors in Canterbury, what their prices are and which one looks like the right fit for you.


Practical Test centre in Canterbury

Canterbury is home to two practical driving test centres, one which is for large vehicles and the other for cars (the one you will be looking for!) The practical driving test centre in Canterbury is on New Dover Road and comes with a pass rate which is in line with the national average of 47%.

The pass rate is impressive given the challenges which come with taking your driving lessons in Canterbury including busy roundabouts and A roads including A28 and A2050 which could feature in a test. Given busy roads, booking your driving test mid-week and in the middle of the day could be a good way to reduce the number of hazards you are faced with on your test.

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3AS, 25 New Dover Road, Canterbury, CT1 3DN

Theory Test Centres in Canterbury

Canterbury is an accurate reflection of the UK when it comes to taking driving tests as both the practical and theory tests are in line with the national average (47.6% in the average of 47.3%).
It will also be a pleasant surprise to read that learner drivers in Canterbury won’t have to travel far for their theory test! Most learner drivers would have to travel a town or two away to get either their theory or their practical test but for learner drivers in Canterbury both centres are close by.

Although you may not have to travel far to get to your theory test centre on Lower Bridge Street, you still want to ensure you only make the journey once. The best way to guarantee you pass your theory test first time is to read through the Highway Code book, cover to cover and have a friend or relative test you. The questions which you get wrong, make a note of them and revise them for when you practice again.

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Invicta House, Lower Bridge Street, Canterbury CT1 2LG