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Ashford has been a hub of activity for centuries. Historic references date as far back as King Henry VIII granting the town a charter to hold livestock in 1243! While times have changed and many young people won’t be desperate to start their driving lessons in Ashford to get to their local live stock market, new appeals in Ashford include attractions such as the award winning Ashford Designer Outlet or fine dining at the Amici Restaurant.

If the question is how can you quickly book driving lessons in Ashford, by easily comparing available driving instructors and ensure you get the best deal – Rated Driving Instructors has got the answer. We’re home to many of the local driving instructors in Ashford with starting prices from £22 per lesson, great bundle deals and many instructors with 5 star ratings.

Ashford Driving Test Centre

If you’re looking to pass your driving test in Ashford, you won’t have to travel far to find your local practical test centre which is located on Tannery Lane. The test centre not only provides testing for learner drivers but also taxi drivers.

The test centre has an average pass rate of 45.1% which is slightly higher than the other local test centre in Maidstone (scoring 44%) however Ashford is still lower than the national average of 47%. When taking your driving test in Ashford you will likely come face to face with the A28 along with quieter, albeit not to be underestimated, rural roads.

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Fir Tree Place, 18/19 Chruch road, Ashford, TW15 2PJ

Theory Test Centre in Ashford

If you are looking for driving lessons in Ashford, you’re in the money when it comes to your practical test as it is also located in Ashford. For your theory test on the other hand, you will have to travel a little further to complete the test. Depending on where about in Ashford you live, the closest theory test location is either in New Romney or Canterbury.

To get to New Romney you will likely need to travel via the A2070 and the journey will take around 25 minutes.

If Canterbury is your closest driving theory test centre taking the A28 could be your best option, also taking around 25 minutes from the centre of Ashford. The reported average pass rate of theory tests in Canterbury is just under 50%, scoring at 47.6%.

To boost your chances of learning to drive in Ashford and passing your theory test, don’t leave anything to chance. Practice, practice, practice and then practice a little more. Have your parents and friends test you until you can carve through practice tests like a hot knife through warm butter!

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St Mary’s Bay Village Hall
15 Jefferstone Lane, St Mary’s Bay,
Romney Marsh,
TN29 0SW

Invicta House,
Lower Bridge Street,