Driving lessons in Maidstone

Learning to drive in Maidstone is a great experience. A large urban town means your instructor will be able to run you through the full list of manoeuvres and driving situations with ease. But you’re also close enough to the country, with long, sweeping country roads, twisty little backroads and huge dual carriageways. Expect to face the whole gamut when you get in the car, which will go a long way to preparing you for your test.

Not only that, but there are a lot of options when it comes to learning how to drive, and who to drive with, as well as an easily accessible driving test centre, and a theory test centre in the next town across.

Driving lessons in Maidstone

Find driving lessons in Maidstone is simple and easy, and you should have no problems finding a great instructor to help you pass your test.

There are a number of highly rated driving instructors throughout Maidstone and the surrounding area, as well as several driving schools, both large national schools and smaller independent driving centres.


Automatic driving lessons in Maidstone

A good number of driving instructors have automatic options, though it’s limited to larger schools.

As always, our advice for automatic driving lessons is the same.

Driving lessons in an automatic vehicle are generally more expensive because of the more specialised vehicle and lack of available instructors pushing prices up. In addition, if you pass your test in an automatic vehicle you get an automatic only driving license, limiting vehicle options in the future.

Automatic lessons should generally be considered only for those who can’t drive manual or are having serious trouble passing their test with a manual car.

If at all possible, pass your test with a manual car, then you’re free to shift between manual and automatic vehicles at your leisure.

Driving lesson prices in Maidstone

An aggregate cost of driving lessons in Maidstone shows that they’re somewhere around the national average. Expect to pay around £25 per hour lesson.

The majority of driving schools will have an introductory offer, but this shouldn’t be the reason you decide on your driving instructor.

Our advice is always the same. Most driving lessons cost around the same, and your education is somewhere where you don’t want to skimp on quality. Ironically, trying to save money on driving lessons in the short term could lead to long term losses because you end up with low-quality lessons.

Intensive driving lessons in Maidstone

Intensive driving courses can be a fantastic experience for certain students, but they’re not for everyone. The full-on nature of an intensive driving course forces certain candidates, who perform well under pressure, into focusing hard, leading to high pass rates. Other students who might not deal so well with the intensity could suffer from the strain of knowing they have a test coming whilst training for several hours every day.

As per our guide, we always recommend taking a few driving lessons first and seeing how you get on before taking an intensive driving course. Not only will this make your intensive driving course easier if you do decide to take one, but you may decide that the traditional method of driving suits you better.

Taking your driving test in Maidstone


Maidstone driving test centre can be found in Unit 1 North Court, South Park Business village, Armstrong Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6JZ.

Barely two minutes from the centre of town, the driving test centre is simple to find and easy to access. By their recommendations, you should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of your test. When arriving, you should be aware of a low brick wall close to the front entrance when entering the test centre.

There are toilets available, as are test candidate car parking facilities, though spaces are limited so don’t count on them on busy days.

As Maidstone is a busy urban town, expect that your test will be predominantly made up of urban problems, for example, roundabouts, junctions, crossroads and residential streets.

Test manoeuvrers will be plentiful and may be performed on narrow, busier streets than in other places in the UK. Expect one manoeuvrer, with a 33% chance of an emergency stop.

Maidstone driving test centre is also close enough to country roads and dual carriageways that they could be incorporated into the test. As always, ask your instructor to take you on the most common routes used.

Booking your theory test in Maidstone

The closest theory test centre to Maidstone is Chatham test centre, less than 9 miles away. It’s easy to find in the centre of the town and accessible by all public transport.

How to book your driving test at Maidstone test centre

All UK driving tests are booked through the DVSA, selecting your preferred driving test centre as you book.

To book by telephone, call the DVSA automated booking line on 0300 200 1122 between 8am and 12pm. The line is automated, but a representative can be reached if you follow the instructions.

To book online, follow the DVSA online booking service and follow the instructions.

Learning to drive in Maidstone can be fun. Highly rated driving instructors, a huge variety of roads and driving situations to face down, and everything within easy reach.

Now all you need is the knowledge and skills to pass. A lot of that will come from your driving lessons, but more knowledge always helps. If you’ve got any questions, or there’s something on your mind, you should check out our archives. Every article is custom picked and packed full of knowledge that has helped people like you pass their tests, over and over again.