How many driving lessons do I need to pass my driving test?

How many driving lessons do I need to pass my driving testOne of the major concerns that every new driver, (not to mention their parents..) have is: How many driving lessons do I need, and how much are they going to cost me?

After all, learning to drive can take some people a long time, and whilst they don’t break the bank, lessons aren’t particularly cheap.

According to the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency, the national average driving hours before a learner driver passes their test is 47. But some pass with less than 20 hours, and we all know someone who has taken half a dozen tests and is still yet to pass.

How much driving lessons cost

At around £25 per lesson on average, that adds up. Which is why it’s in your best interests to make sure that you’re spending your time, and your money, as productively as possible.

What are your options?

When it comes to driving lessons, there are two main options available to learner drivers.

  • Normal driving lessons
  • Intensive driving course

Normal driving lessons

When it comes to learning to drive, standard lessons are probably what comes to mind. You will meet with your instructor, one or more times a week for one to two hours.

You will go out on to the road, and your instructor will critique your driving and give you pointers, slowly steering you in the correct direction when it comes to driving mechanics, road safety and other considerations needed to pass your driving test.

Driving lessons are the less intense of the options but take far longer. Consider, if you’re taking one two hour lesson per week, and it takes people an average of 47 hours to pass, that’s at least 24 weeks of lessons. Or 6 months!

But it’s a tried and tested method, and if you’re able to push more lessons into less time, you learn fast, or you’re fine learning at a steady pace, driving lessons can be ideal.

If you’re interested in driving lessons, and you’re wondering what will happen in your first lesson, you can read this article.

Intensive driving course

An intensive driving course is the opposite of driving lessons. In it, you will learn to drive in a very short, intense period of learning, generally between one to two weeks, and take your driving examination immediately after.

Obviously, intensive driving lessons are a lot more, well, intense. You can expect to be on the road for several hours every day, for five to ten days in a row. The pressure to pass is also higher because you know that the examination is coming, whether you’re ready for it or not. Not to mention that it takes a discrete chunk of time in which you won’t be able to work or go to school.

Intensive driving lessons aren’t for everyone, and they can be quite expensive up front, but they are proven to work for a lot of people. If it’s something you’re interested in, you should definitely check out our primer on intensive driving courses.

How long will learning to drive take me?

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast answer. Learning to drive is a different experience for everyone, based on their learning methods, their teacher, even their geographic location.

You’ve learned the average figure, so that’s a good record to go on. And if you learn in less than the national average, that’s something to be proud of.

All we can say is that with a good teacher, a good attitude to learning and some old fashioned stubborn willpower if you’re willing to try you’re almost certain to pass.