Driving lessons in Chatham

So you live in or near to Chatham, and you’re currently learning to drive or looking to learn soon.

First, good for you!

Luckily, you live in a fantastic area for learning to drive. Not only is Chatham a beautiful area and a great town to drive in, but it’s also packed full of options when it comes to taking driving lessons and passing your test.

Driving lessons in Chatham

Finding a driving instructor can be difficult, especially in this online age, which is why we’ve written a handy guide on the subject, but from our research, Chatham is a fantastic area to learn to drive in, with a huge range of highly rated instructors, both independent and tied to driving schools.

This is great for multiple reasons. First, it gives you a huge amount of choice with who to go with, so you’re sure to find a teacher who’s a great fit for you. Second, it means you can find a driving instructor that’s close to you, especially if you live a little out of town and want someone close by.

Automatic car driving lessons in Chatham

Most instructors and driving schools in Chatham have an automatic option.

As always, our advice for automatic driving lessons is the same.

Automatic lessons are often more expensive than lessons in a manual gearbox car, and learning to drive and passing your test in an automatic car means you will only qualify for an automatic-only driving license.

If you’re sure you want to pass and drive automatic cars only for the foreseeable future, or you’re having serious trouble passing your test in a manual car, then, by all means, seek out automatic driving lessons. Otherwise, it’s probably worth learning to drive with a manual gearbox and convert to an automatic once you’ve passed your test.

That gives you the most options, and the best of both worlds, while also potentially saving you time and money.

Driving lessons prices in Chatham

Everyone wants to save money, but if you’re looking for cheap driving lessons in Chatham, our advice is; don’t.

Most schools and instructors will have an introductory offer to get you started, which can save you a little money, but as with everything you get what you pay for. We wouldn’t trust an instructor who charges far less than the market rate, as that suggests they either have something to hide or they’re just not very good.

Ironically, paying for a quality teacher could save you money in the long run, as you end up passing your test far more quickly, so spend far less on your driving lessons and tests.

Intensive driving lessons in Chatham

If you’re interested in passing your test quickly, then intensive driving lessons can be a great option, with a few pros and cons.

There are multiple instructors and driving schools who offer intensive driving courses in or near Chatham.

Our advice with intensive driving lessons is always the same. They aren’t for everyone, because the intensity and full-on nature of the training mean that some people can burn out or find it hard to focus, and the pressure of having an immediate test can be daunting. But for those that can handle the pressure, an intensive driving course is a fantastic way to quickly pass your driving test.

If you’re interested in learning more about intensive driving lessons, you can read our guide on the subject here.

Taking your theory test in Chatham


When it comes to taking your theory, Chatham is an excellent choice. Chatham theory test centre is centrally located in the town, at 14-16 High Street, Chatham, ME4 4EP, putting it within easy access of local transportation.

Local bus routes are plentiful, there is on road parking directly outside the test centre, (pay and display only, bring change,) and the centre is less than half a mile, or around 7 minutes walk, from the train station. However you decide to get there, it will be simple.

The full range of theory tests are available, from standard car, motorcycle, coach and HGV. Be aware there are no translator booths or other languages available, so if English isn’t your preferred language please consider another testing centre.

How to book your theory test at Chatham test centre:

There are two options for booking your theory test. By phone, or online.

If you wish to book by phone, you can call between standard opening hours on 01634 560480

If instead, you’d prefer to book online, you can follow this link to the standard DVSA booking page, selecting Chatham as your preferred testing centre.

No matter your circumstances, Chatham is a fantastic place to learn to drive. With a wealth of driving schools and independent instructors, a readily accessible testing centre and a wide variety of roads and driving situations; learning to drive in and around Chatham will be a great experience.

No doubt you’re itching to get out there already, but if you’re interested in what to expect on your first lessons, or you’ve got a few more questions about how best to go about learning to drive, you should check out our archives. They’re full of information that people just like you have used to successfully pass their tests, over and over again.