Driving Lessons in Canterbury

Learning to drive can be intense, especially if you’re learning in a built up, cosmopolitan area. But there are massive advantages too. Canterbury is a fantastic place to learn to drive, full of options that are going to make your driving experience all the better.

From the lessons themselves to your theory tests and practical, it’s all on the doorstep, so read on to find out what you need to know.

When it comes to driving lessons and instructors, Canterbury is spoilt for choice. Affluent and well developed, there’s a whole range of instructors offering every potential option, so no matter how or when you choose to learn to drive, you’re going to be accommodated.

When it comes to driving lessons in Canterbury itself, again, you’re going to have the best of both worlds.

Canterbury itself is picturesque, with a good mixture of winding back roads and wide, urban driving experiences. Your instructor will be able to take you through all possible situations you need to face, with all manoeuvrers covered and every driving problem dealt with.

There’s also a huge network of surrounding country lanes, to mix up the driving experience and get you used to a different sort of focus, as well as giving you the opportunity of taking the first few lessons slowly, rather than being thrown into the deep end of peak time urban driving.

Because Canterbury itself is well connected to the neighbouring areas, you’re never going to have any issues when it comes to getting to your lessons, as well as your theory and practical tests, when it comes to taking them. They’re all in the roughly the place.

Automatic driving lessons in Canterbury

If you’re choosing to learn to drive in an automatic vehicle, then Canterbury is perfect. A large number of instructors offer automatic driving options, and because there are so many different instructors and driving schools, you’re not going to face the difficulty people living in more rural areas might have to face when it comes to pre-booking, or even finding automatic driving lessons.

At this point, we always feel duty bound to point out that you should always choose to learn to drive and pass your test in a manual car if that is an option at all for you. Choosing to pass your test in an automatic car limits your options in the future, and if the need should ever arise for you to drive a manual vehicle, you’re going to have to pass a subsequent test.

If instead, you choose to pass your test in a manual, you’re certified for both manual and automatic gearboxes. For life. Unless you have no other choice, consider taking an automatic test as your first option very very carefully.

Driving lesson prices in Canterbury

From our research, driving lessons in Canterbury are around the national average; usually between £20 and £25 pounds per hourly session.

As we’ve warned before, when it comes to costs, less doesn’t always mean more. You should always be looking for the best teacher possible, and sometimes, but not always, low costs are a warning sign.

Most driving instructors charge around the same rate, so when you’re looking for a teacher, look for quality reviews instead. You’ll thank yourself in the long run when you pass your test that much faster than your friends, who went with the budget option.

Intensive driving lessons in Canterbury

Canterbury has a large number of driving instructors and schools that offer intensive courses, so if that’s something you’re leaning towards, you’re covered.

Intensive driving lessons aren’t for everyone, but they can be a fantastic option if you need to pass your test fast. If you’re looking for more information on intensive driving lessons.

Taking your theory test in Canterbury

Canterbury theory test centre is located in the centre of town, in:

Invicta House

Lower Bridge street



It’s easy to find, located 5 to 10 minutes walk from both train stations or 5 minutes from the nearest car park.

One word of warning if you’re taking your theory here. It’s advisable to arrive early as some students have reported having issues finding the theory centre in Invicta House itself, and you absolutely do not want to be late for your theory test!

How to book your theory at Canterbury

All theory tests are booked through the DVSA online portal.

You can book by phone, by calling the automated service on 0300 200 1122

Alternatively, you can click this link and follow the instructions to select and book your theory online.

Taking your practical test in Canterbury

The first point of consideration when taking your test in Canterbury is that there are two test centres. One for cars and one for light goods vehicles.

Your instructor will be with you on the day of your test, so this shouldn’t be a problem, but when booking be careful that you’ve got the correct address, which should be.

25 New Dover Road




Because of the location of the test centre, your driving test is likely to include a lot of urban driving and complicated manoeuvres, including multiple roundabouts, high-speed roads including A roads, and perhaps even venturing into more rural areas.

Your driving instructor will be able to guide you around likely routes that your instructor will take, so if you’re concerned, be sure to mention it so you can drill what’s needed.

Learning to drive can be tough, but you can make it so much easier by just being informed. That’s where we come in. Make sure to bookmark this page, so whenever you’ve got a question, you can drop back and find out what you need to know.