Automatic Driving Lessons

No doubt, the majority of people in the UK prefer driving manual cars to automatic cars as statistics reveal that out of 720,000 driving tests done per annum, only 40,000 tests are done for automatic cars, this accounts for less than 6%.

Automatic driving lessonsIn spite of this, many people taking driving lessons do experience struggling with the control of the clutch while learning to drive and this is the reason why these set of people prefer to go for automatic driving lessons.

In reality, automatic driving lessons are easier to learn when compared with manual driving lessons. In learning to drive a manual car, a significant amount of time is assigned to learning the control of the car. In manual cars, the gears and clutch operation are prominent features of manual driving lessons and learning this will always consume a considerable portion of the time of the driving lessons.

However, this is not the same with automatic driving lessons; you are disposed to learning at a higher rate and maintain your focus on other tasks rather than the clutch and gears. In this article, you will learn about the automatic driving lessons and you will find the necessary answers to the questions that might be puzzling you in relation to automatic driving lessons.

What are the benefits of driving an automatic car?

Automatic carOver the years, automatic cars have become the norm for some people learning to drive. Driving a manual car requires more engagement on the part of the driver because the driver is always saddled with the task of coordinating the clutch, throttle, and gears in order to operate the car properly but it is not the same with an automatic car.

The driver is required to put the car in drive and the car will automatically coordinate the clutch, throttle, and gears on its own thereby allowing the driver to focus on maintaining the appropriate speed and staying alert while on the road.

Furthermore, another benefit of driving an automatic car is that the learning curve of an automatic car is simpler due to the fact that there is no stick shift as with a manual car, this feature enables it to provide a simpler interface that new driver will feel more comfortable with.

Again, some driving conditions such as stop-and-go traffic or going up hills are easier with an automatic car. Also, the drivers of automatic cars usually experience peace of mind because they will experience lower stress rate from driving automatic cars than manual cars.

Are automatic driving lessons easier?

In reality, the ability to learn varies in individuals. However, it is likely that you will need less driving lessons to reach the test standard in an automatic car than manual transmission cars. Also, the lessons of automatic cars are easier because the mastering of the clutch is not involved in the lessons unlike in manual driving lessons where clutch mastering is the hardest thing to learn.

How many driving lessons does it take to pass an automatic driving test?

A successful driving test is impossible without an intensive driving course under the supervision of a qualified driving tutor. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), a minimum of 47 hours of intensive driving course is needed to pass an automatic driving test.

Do automatic driving lessons cost more per lesson?

In reality, the automatic driving lessons are more expensive when compared with manual driving lessons because the cost of insuring automatic cars is considerably higher than manual cars. The insurance cost of an automatic car is 43% higher than a manual car due to the fact that it costs more to repair an automatic car than a manual car.

Statistics also show that the cost of a licence of an automatic car is 11% higher than that of a manual car. In essence, the average cost of a driving lesson is £24 in the UK; hence the minimum total cost of the driving lesson is £1128. However, the cost will be a little higher than this for automatic driving lessons because of the higher cost of insurance for automatic cars.

Without mincing words, the fact that automatic driving lesson is easier when compared with the manual driving lesson, it is vital for you to undergo an intensive driving course in order to develop your driving skills and build your self-confidence.

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