About us

When Rated Driving Instructors CEO, Kevin was studying to become a driving instructor in 2017 he was amazed that there was nowhere to advertise his business and no easy way for learners to find him. With that, he roped in Paul and Ollie to work with him on the mission to transform the way learners and instructors find each other.

We use technology to enable instructors to create an online profile which simply details their prices, promotions, key information and most importantly their rating which has been generated by previous learners. We then advertise to learners in the areas we have recruited instructors allowing the supply of instructors to meet the demand of learners and creating a marketplace.

The purpose of Rated Driving Instructors is to address the three big existing challenges facing the industry – accessibility of instructors’ online, complexity of being able to compare offers and the lack of transparency in the quality of instructors.

We are based in Kent where the launch of the site is initially focusing but with the three big challenges which we’ve set out to address certainly not being exclusive to Kent the plan is to rapidly expand across all areas of the UK over the coming months. There’s a long journey ahead but the engine is running and we’re buckled in!

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